Shadow Work

Shadows are beautiful and part of creating a happier, more confident life is

Illuminating & Acknowledging Our Dark Side

Shadows.  We all have them. You know, those parts of ourselves we keep hidden or pretend doesn’t exist. I believe we are all whole, unbroken, and beautiful – That includes those parts of ourselves we have labeled as “unexceptable” or “unlikeable” and tried to hide or do away with. Wholeness includes the positive and the negative, the yin and the yang, the light and the darkness.

Through our work, I will help you discover and reconnect with your shadows, get to know them, explore their amazing gifts and contributions to your life – and invite you to embrace them.


“In every heart there is an inner room, where we can hold our greatest treasures and our deepest pain.”

Marianne Williamson

REcognize Your Shadows

  • What are the traits in others that “push your buttons”?
  • What are your HOT SPOTS?
  • Does rudeness infuriate you?
  • How about laziness?
  • Selfishness?
  • Bossiness?
  • Arrogance?

Look at those qualities that you judge as BAD. Those may be your shadows. By denying those parts of ourselves and pushing them down and pretending they don’t exist in us, we actually deny ourselves the ability to heal and we bury our creativity, our gifts, and our talents along with them.

By embracing our shadows, I actually mean loving and accepting them as

Valuable Parts of Ourselves

Loving and accepting EVERY PART of ourselves with compassion and gratitude opens us up and allows room for us to love and accept others with compassion and gratitude.

We have all created stories about how

We Are Supposed to Be

We have all developed coping strategies based on our past experiences. These stories and strategies are usually based on false beliefs and are often keeping us from reaching our full potential. Hidden within the recesses of our hearts, dwell our shadows. Once acknowledged and accepted, these traits and characteristics of our unique personalities pave the way to new-found freedoms and a greater sense of wholeness.

Our shadows, once embraced can heal. Only then can they become the rich nourishing soil our souls need to fully grow into our truest selves so we can fully bloom.