EFT Tapping

What can tapping help with?

  •  Stress, Anxiety, Overwhelm
  •  Chronic pain / physical discomfort
  •  Phobias / fears
  •  Addictions
  •  Relationship issues
  •  Financial issues / blocks
  •  Weight control
  •  A painful past
  •  Residual effects of trauma
  •  Emotions such as anger, sadness, grief, guilt, shame
  •  Sleep problems
  •  Self-esteem / confidence
  •  Improve performance
  •  Personal growth
  •  Self-limiting beliefs

"Transformation doesn’t ask that you stop being you. It demands that you find a way back to the authenticity and strength that’s already inside of you. You only have to bloom."

Cheryl Strayed

EFT (tapping) can help you

Discover, Appreciate, Explore, and Transform Your Thoughts, Beliefs, and Emotions

One of the most appealing aspects of EFT is its simplicity.  It is extremely easy to learn the basics and significant benefits can be seen quickly.

It sounds unorthodox, feels silly the first time you do it, and looks odd to anyone watching who isn’t familiar with it BUT – IT WORKS!

Can you use it on your own?  SURE.  There are numerous free videos and other online resources that you can use to try tapping on your own.  I incorporate it into my work because I know it works and because I believe in synergy.  Together we can create tailor-made EFT sessions that address your unique life experiences, exploring issues together,  and multiplying results.  My insights and guidance can provide direction and honest feedback that you can’t get by following along with a generalized video.


What is Tapping?

EFT has been called a psychological version of acupuncture.  It combines modern psychology with ancient acupressure to create a process that has helped thousands of people overcome obstacles and live more well-balanced lives.  It is difficult to believe something so simple can be so effective – but it is.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) combines gentle touch (tapping) on specific meridian endpoints with thoughtful attention and spoken words. This combination of tapping, speaking, and thoughtful awarness, while simultaneously focusing on an emotional upset has the effect of releasing the intense charge of troubling emotions. Tapping, in combination with talking, and mindful awareness, calms the nervous system, restores the body’s energy balance, and reprograms the brain to respond differently in the future.

EFT involves tapping with our fingertips on acupressure points located on the hands, face and body while simultaneously and temporarily focusing on an issue we would like to resolve.

Effects of stress

We are holistic beings:  Our body, mind, and emotions are interwoven. When EFT is applied to something that troubles us, we can experience a shift in our thoughts, feelings, and our physical responses (i.e. stress, anxiety, tension, or pain).

EFT may successfully enable us to release uncomfortable feelings like sadness, shame, anger, guilt, or fear, transforming their affects on our day-to-day lives. EFT may also transform the thoughts and beliefs underneath our emotional experiences.

Many people have reported experiencing relief after just a few rounds of tapping.  It is common to feel lighter, think differently about things, have new insights and perspectives, and just feel better overall.

Inspired by  the work of Dr. Roger Callahan, and developed by Gary Craig, the tapping sequence commonly used was designed to hit all of the major meridian endpoints.  EFT is simple to learn and extremely flexible.   EFT can be used by anyone.



EFT works with energy pathways called meridians in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Tapping is thought to stop the fight or flight response.  It may reprogram our brains and our bodies, allowing us to respond differently. Recent research at Harvard Medical School, and elsewhere, has shown that when selected meridian acupoints are stimulated, activity in the brain (amygdala, hippocampus, and areas associated with fear) decreases. These parts of our brains control our Fight or Flight responses and do not have direct neural connections.  Without rational language centers, words, on their own, cannot reach them.  Tapping may provide that connection.

In addition to changing the flight or flight response, through tapping we can actually retrain our limbic system to respond differently once issues are reprocessed and no longer flagged by the brain as dangerous. Recent brain research backs up the brains ability to “change it’s mind”.

One recent study showed cortisol (the bodies stress hormone) dropped significantly after an hour long EFT session.  The lower cortisol level corresponded to decreased levels of depression, anxiety, and general psychological symptoms.  Dozens of studies have now verified the effectiveness of tapping on a large number of different issues.  For an in-depth look at current research please check out www.thetappingsolution.com/research