What’s Right with you?

Where is your focus?

I believe we spend a lot of our time focused on the wrong things.
We are so worried with what is wrong with us that we don’t see all that is right.

We look for the broken places in us that need worked on.

We worry about our weaknesses rather than celebrating our strengths. Our perceived inadequacies blind us to the reality of our unique gifts and talents.

This glass half-empty outlook has spread to everything in our world. We are bombarded with bad news and negativity. The headlines tell us the world has gone crazy and keeps our brains in that stressful place of fight or flight.

Let’s look for the good news?

It’s all around us.
It’s in us.
It is us.
For every plane that crashes, how many land safely?
For every act of evil, how many acts of kindness were overlooked?
For every tumultuous storm that wreaks havoc, how many days are sunny and calm?

For every time we couldn’t pay our bills, how many times have we been able to pay them?
How many days have we gone hungry compared to the days we have been well fed?

Really, if we take an honest look at our entire lives, what is the ratio of right to wrong?
For most of us, if we ARE honest, right outweighs wrong by a LOT.

I understand that bad things happen. I understand heartbreak, grief, and loss. Please don’t misunderstand me: I am not taking away from the magnitude of suffering that occurs and the pain we experience. But what can we do with it?

As a culture, I believe we have been trained to keep a fearful gaze on the horizon waiting for disaster to strike. We struggle to trust LIFE and we struggle to trust ourselves. We have been conditioned to expect to find something wrong. This sense of lack and inadequacy becomes a kind of sleep mask, filtering out the glorious light of our true potential and keeping us in fear.

I believe that we are each born containing a uniquely designed divine blueprint. This blueprint reflects the qualities or our creator. And it is RIGHT. It is GOOD!

Life’s most painful experiences often become the internal structures that give us strength and stability and purpose rather than leaving us weak and shaky. Out of our greatest storms, we can build harbors of safety and refuge for others. Our wounds become our wisdom and bring healing rather than harm.

Be the change: Bring the good.

By refocusing on what is RIGHT within us and allowing that goodness, light, and rightness to be discovered, nurtured, and released, we can change our world.

I am making a conscious effort to see and appreciate what is right in myself and others. I am trying to start and end each day thinking about what is right in life. Then I am allowing my heart to fill with gratitude and I am asking a question: It is a prayer, really: “What can I do?”

Written by Peggy Johnson

I am a Transformational Life Coach. As a heart-centered, action-oriented person, I believe all people are absolutely beautiful and that our beliefs about life’s events and our past experiences often rob us of our abilities to believe in ourselves and live our lives fully. With this in mind, it is my purpose to help people realize they matter, and are beautiful, and fully seen, so they can believe in themselves and those around them.
January 4, 2020

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