Enough Already


We live in a culture of ‘never enough’. There’s never enough time, never enough money, never enough help, never enough resources, never enough…
At different stages in life this philosophy can seem especially true. It often feels like there just isn’t enough of anything.

However, all of this ‘never enough’ thinking can leave us feeling frayed around the edges, spread too thin, and scared. We can buy into the belief that We are not enough.

Consider this idea instead: THERE IS ENOUGH. WE ARE ENOUGH. YOU ARE ENOUGH! When we believe in the idea of scarcity, when we buy into it hook, line, and sinker, we find our-selves living in this small box that seems to be closing in on us.

I want to encourage you to expand your thinking. Start thinking in terms of ENOUGH.


There is enough time. Although you may have more duties than daylight, we all have 24 hours in every day and there ARE ways to prioritize, delegate, and set boundaries that can help those hours become enough. They simply have to be enough: They are all we have. Just the simple act of changing your perspective and believing that there is enough time can change the way you see, and spend, your days.

This same idea holds true for every area where you find yourself saying, “There isn’t enough…” When you catch yourself thinking and feeling that there isn’t enough, try this: Acknowledge your feelings of stress and struggle – but counteract those thoughts by consciously telling yourself, “There is enough…”

This is especially important when you feel that YOU are not enough. When you feel like you are inadequate and/or lacking in any way as an individual, I want to encourage you to say out loud,

“I am enough.” I have these three little words written down so that I see them often. I need to remind myself. There is a big world out there that’s sending me messages that say I am not enough and that there isn’t enough and that I can’t ever DO or BE enough.

If you think about it, this whole concept of ‘scarcity’ puts us in the passenger seat. It creates a type of victim thinking. It also downplays real scarcity in our world. There are places and people on the planet who truly don’t have enough.

Believing that there is enough and that we are enough, even in the midst of the most difficult situations, provides a better, more positive, and more optimistic approach to life. Refuse to be boxed-in.  YOU ARE ENOUGH!

Try it!

Just try replacing thoughts of ‘not enough’ with ENOUGH! See how consistently changing that one area of thinking, that one belief, improves your outlook, replacing lack with sufficiency. (And don’t forget to be thankful for ALL that you do have. IT IS ENOUGH!)

Written by Peggy Johnson

I am a Transformational Life Coach. As a heart-centered, action-oriented person, I believe all people are absolutely beautiful and that our beliefs about life’s events and our past experiences often rob us of our abilities to believe in ourselves and live our lives fully. With this in mind, it is my purpose to help people realize they matter, and are beautiful, and fully seen, so they can believe in themselves and those around them.
January 4, 2020

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