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I loved working with Peggy! I had reached a point in my life where I had made a lot of easy improvements, but I was struggling to get to the next level in terms of my finances, fitness, relationships, etc. Peggy provided a lovely mix of accountability and support. After working with her, I feel much closer to being the kind of person I would want to be. I would highly recommend working with Peggy and fully committing yourself to a better life.
Dave B.

In the short time I worked with Peggy Johnson, I felt more focused and disciplined. I honed my organization skills and developed an annual plan and marketing plans for my business. Peggy has a winning combination of organization and professional competence which she combines with genuine caring, compassion, and curiosity. If you are someone who wants to jump start your life or business and is looking for someone who can help you transform a dream into reality, Peggy is the person!

Kitty F.

“Good Morning Peggy. You gave me such a precious gift!! I think the coaching environment that you set was key… I feel the richness of your experience before becoming a life coach, your relationship with God and, of course, your training and experience as a life coach was all a resource as you helped me to identify the childhood roadblock and from that you quickly brought me forward to present time with strategies that worked.
…Our times of coaching so that I could check in and reflect on all of this, along with your fresh insight and your dedication to listening, keeping me honest and holding me accountable was so important. I began to act out of the belief that it was instilling in me, trusting my own wisdom to make my decisions and reforming my thinking in many directions.”
Patti F.

I would recommend Peggy in a heartbeat! She was able to pinpoint my biggest block in our initial consultation, which had been right in front of my face for decades. I’d just been unable to see it. You know what else she can do for you? She can help you overcome your hurdles using simple and effective exercises. She breaks your goals down into steps so you can see how obtainable they are. And she genuinely cares about you. I believe it’s that last key ingredient that makes all the difference- at least in my experience. Sometimes all you need is for someone to stand in your corner, hand you the tools, and cheer you on.

Amber T.

I hired Peggy to help me shift my mindset from employee to business owner at my ‘day job’. Peggy stepped in as a ‘coach’, listening to my frustrations and challenging me with new insights how to make this shift doable. As well, I had wanted to start my own business for fun but was fearful about taking those first steps. Peggy stepped in as ‘business mentor’ to guide, support, encourage and hold me accountable for moving my business forward. I asked for much from Peggy. She delivered with patience, forthrightness & actionable tools as every good coach/mentor does. A blessing in my life, indeed.
Kim K.

"Thank you! Loved every minute of it. Peggy you’re terrific. I look forward to seeing more of you."


"I found that it was surprisingly easy to share with Peggy and the other participants. We all seem to struggle with something; it helped me to feel not so alone."


"I had severe depression for over two years and major difficulty just getting through my day to day life. I had worked with therapists before with no results so I decided to try something new and work with a life coach. I found Peggy and I knew right away that she was very easy to talk to and connect with. She has been coaching me for three months now and the difference from the person I am now to who I was when we started is like night and day. I am fully enjoying my life, I feel empowered in the things I do and the decisions I make, my relationships are better and I am finally on track to finishing the novel I had always wanted to write. I honestly did not think this kind of change was possible before I met Peggy, living my life and seeing these changes within myself has truly been the best blessing I could have ever asked for. Peggy naturally excels at healing human beings and helping them unlock their inner potential, she's been such a wonderful and positive light and I am so thankful for her. I only wish that everyone could have someone like Peggy in their lives!"

Amanda T.

"Peggy is a natural at problem solving"


“We are all coming from different perspectives which let me see things from other angles.”


"Peggy Johnson is just the kind of gentle but consistent reminder who can keep track, when you can't, of all of your many obligations. I work at home and find that the practice of checking in with Peggy every week provides me with just the right amount of structure and organization necessary for me to meet my deadlines. Without Peggy I honestly think I would feel overwhelmed. Peggy simply ensures that I: a) face what has to be done (no purposeful forgetting anymore), and b) organize it into bite-size portions so that it is doable. The service is immeasurable."


"We explored a variety of life topics, so I got to interact with other people on a deeper level, share experiences and ideas, and laugh and grow together.”


“It gave us the time to think about our goals, to dig deep inside ourselves…”


"Coaching with Peggy had a truly transformational impact on my life and relationships. When we began coaching, I felt very stuck in a key relationship in my life. During the course of our coaching engagement, I learned how to interact much more effectively in my key relationship. Making the behavioral changes I needed took consistent time and effort. I don't believe I would have succeeded in making these critical changes without Peggy's coaching. Peggy validated and supported me in developing the inner confidence that I needed to change my behavior. Peggy's coaching style offers a unique and powerful combination of wisdom, support, and accountability. I am very grateful that I had the chance to work with Peggy; I am in a much better place in my life as a result!"

Elias U.

“Peggy was really there for me during an important life transition and I couldn’t have asked for a more caring and insightful coach. She’s a great listener with a compassionate heart. She was able to bring great perspective to my situation and we developed an excellent plan together that helped me to navigate the waters of change and come out the other side stronger than ever before. Investing in a coach was the smartest decision I ever made, and finding Peggy was nothing short of a miracle. Our sessions were fun and impactful. She kept me accountable for the work I was ready to do with her and I really looked forward to them each week. I would highly recommend Peggy as a coach. She was born to do this work.”
~ Debbie M.
“I’m not exaggerating when I say that Peggy truly changed my life. I was struggling. Numbing myself with alcohol and other unhealthy habits. I’ve been booze free for over a year now. And I couldn’t have done it without her. She really has a gift for giving. Supportive in all the right ways and just a really great human being really!”
~ Rachel S.B.

Clients should show up for coaching sessions

Prepared, Motivated, and Honest with Themselves and Me

As your coach, I am committed

to being honest, compassionate, nonjudgemental, and challenging your thinking if needed. I will remaining curious, encouraging, and connected to your highest good, believing in your greatness and ability to lead your own best life. I promise to believe in your abilities to achieve greatness, succeed, heal, and impact your world in the way you see best. I believe in YOU!”

Grab Hope Again


“Peggy Johnson offers a practical way of grabbing hope and infusing it back into life, so that one may live life with purpose again!”