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Intensive Sessions

4 Hour

( Private Session)

All Day

(Private Session)

Coaching may include personal and guided activities including:

Mirror work


Values clarification

Strengths evaluation

Shadow identification and integration

Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping (EFT)

Appreciative inquiry techniques


Artistic freedom exercises

Resolving past pain and unforgiveness

Discovering or clarifying your purpose, vision, and/or mission

Creating visual representations of desired change (vision boards, goals and objectives books, active affirmation statements, etc)

Full Day

Group Workshop

During the summer and fall months these are held in Southwestern Colorado and may be held at my home in the mountains.  During the winter and spring they are held in the Las Vegas Nevada area.The specifics included will depend on the needs of the person or group.

Clients should show up for coaching sessions

Prepared, Motivated, and Honest with Themselves and Me

As your coach, I am committed

to being honest, compassionate, nonjudgemental, and challenging your thinking if needed. I will remaining curious, encouraging, and connected to your highest good, believing in your greatness and ability to lead your own best life. I promise to believe in your abilities to achieve greatness, succeed, heal, and impact your world in the way you see best. I believe in YOU!”

Full Day

Couple Intensive Session

Would you like to become a better team?

I approach couples coaching using appreciative inquiry. By discovering each person’s unique gifts, talents, needs, strengths, and values system, we can explore ways in which, together, you can create a more cohesive and productive partnership, making a positive impact on one another and the world while gaining personal clarity and growth. When you reach a unified purpose, synergy occurs – multiplying your outcomes.

How can you combine your unique qualities of greatness and change your world together?